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Hi there, we’re Sonya and Necota Staples, your Outdoor Experience Experts.  We began our camping journey just a few short years ago and it quickly snow-balled into a off-roading and overlanding.  After completing two cross-country trips and even shipping our rig to Colombia (South America) tour the country, we are in the process of planning our full time overlanding adventure.  

Follow along on our journey for insight into our favorite gear, destinations and to learn more about how we live our a life In Tents.





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Basics for a Camping Setup

Basics for a Camping Setup

If you all have been following our adventures for a while, you know that we struggle to pack just the basics for a camping setup. We typically pack everything we think we may need, plus backup. Since the pandemic, we have needed to do some quick overnight camping...

Sonya’s Solo Camping Trip

If you follow us on Instagram, you may remember I took a solo glamping trip for my 41st birthday. I got so many questions about what I did to entertain myself. The truth is the work of camping is enough to occupy your day.

How to Find a Great Campsite

How to Find a Great Campsite

When we first started camping, we mainly camped at state parks. They were safe, had reasonable amenities and convenient. Now that we've been camping for a few years, we rarely camp at state parks, because now we know what to look for. There are many resources to use...

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