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Colorado is known to have some of the best off-road trails in the country. This is partially due to the beauty and diversity of the landscape but also because of the high level of technicality and adventure. On our most recent overlanding journey cross country, we chose to tackle some of the best off-road trails in Colorado. To find these routes and be sure we wouldn’t be lost when we didn’t have a signal, we used Gaia GPS.

1. Rimrocker Trail runs between Moab, UT, and Montrose, CO, and is a trail you do for the beauty. Although most websites you read will estimate completing Rimrocker in 2-4 days, we completed this trail in less than 6 hours. It’s a fast, well-maintained dirt road with a ton of beautiful scenery. Next time we will definitely take more time to hike in the area.

2. Engineer’s Pass is a short 20-mile trail near Ouray with 2-way traffic. We typically wouldn’t have a two-way trail, but there are a few very technical parts of this trail that only one vehicle can navigate at a time, and another vehicle coming adds extra stress. The video above shows how, on this trail, Sonya felt she would plummet to her death.

3. There isn’t much that Black Bear Pass doesn’t offer…beauty, adventure, adrenaline name it, and you can get it on Black Bear Pass. This is the ultimate off-road adventure, and this trail gets a ten on all scales. Understand, you must have balls of steel to complete this trail.