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With COVID came no travel, no dining out, and no parties with friends. In previous years we’ve celebrated with vacations (Mexico, South Africa, Australia…), brunch with our friends, and dining out at some of our favorite restaurants. This year, we had to come up with a new plan. With all the stress of the year, we decided we could both use a little self-care and, to add an extra element, decided to feature some of our favorite black-owned businesses to close out Black August.

The weekend included good food, pedicures, massages, our favorite movies/tv shows, and of course, some good drinks. From our clothing to products we love, we are highlighting a few of our favorite Black-owned businesses. We hope our self-care weekend inspires you to care for yourself, and the ones you love and to support black-owned businesses, brands, and products.

Check out our video to see how we celebrated and how we used all the products and brands listed below.

Here’s a list of some of our favorites that we highlighted during our weekend of self-care and celebration of our love.

Hair Products from Modern Beauty Boutique – Bronzed N Glow

Pure Flaxseed Gel (watermelon fragrance) – CurlMix

Amor Love Oil – EssenceTree Holistic Life

Chocolate Face Mask – EssenceTree Holistic Life

Scented Candles (Durham Fragrance) – Bright Black Candles

Book Store – Books and Crannies

Loose Leaf Tea – Just Add Honey

Meditation App – Liberate Meditation

Champagne – Ace of Spades

Artists featured available at Zucot Gallery

Aaron Henderson

Charly Palmer

Steve Prince

– Richard Clark

Apparel from:

Staples Intents

Prosperity Creations

Sean Jean


Ethos Apparel Company

Nalia, Inc.