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I will tell anyone that there is always some adventure in every travel trip planned. The interesting thing is we, as humans normalize much of our experiences over time, and the sense of adventure dies. We seem to thrive in making everything seem ordinary, routine, usual, and repeatable. Sadly, once it becomes an ordinary routine, we forget how much it once filled us with wonder and joy.

If you are a frequent flyer, the humbug parts of getting to the airport and through security are just part of the headache of getting to your destination. When opting to take long-distance drives, the traffic jams and endless construction along the highway are just the annoying reality of deciding to drive.

Do you remember your first vacation trip? Your first big drive after you got your license? The overwhelming feelings of angst and exciting feelings for taking the trip. Choosing your own music, locations to rest, hotels, car rentals, gas stations, cruise control settings, and all of the small things to make the trip ideal. The more we do our road trips though, the more monotonous the small things become.

Sadly, long-term relationships seem eerily similar. The exciting acts of love become routine tasks and honey-do-list. We lose the glamour of the small things that meant so much when we started on the journey of love and soon become weighed down by the presence of our cherished one. The small gestures of kindness become annoying tasks that seem trivial and unnecessary. Long good-night kisses become pecks; goodbye embraces become lifeless hugs; small gifts are no longer regarded; holding hands interfere with using our cell phones. An attentive and whimsical discussion now seems to be tempered acts of tolerance to avoid an unnecessary argument.

I know how you feel. I’d love to say that I have the T-shirt, but the reality is we continually are fighting the everyday ordinary things that used to be extraordinary. When you see our travels, you are witnessing us fighting to make ordinary moments extraordinary. You are seeing us fight to ensure warm, loving embraces. We are fighting for whimsical discussions filled with laughter and elation. Fighting for long slow kisses by the fire.

Being outside ensures that nothing will be ordinary or normal. We are continuously on the receiving end of the elements and in pursuit of finding majestic locations to have these moments. We know that this guarantees that we have plenty of extraordinary scenery to envelop us. We take plenty of snacks and foods that you would find at a sleepover. Drinks that would be at a birthday party. Everything we do is about making the other person happy without judgment. When we go out on our glamping trips, we want every place, everything, and every act to be extraordinary because, in our long-term relationship, we have learned that ordinary things are for short-term relationships.

Just like a first road trip or vacation, you can make ordinary things extraordinary by being intentional about your actions. Lasting relationships require active participation. Can you both be present in this moment? Can you challenge yourself to do the little things and do those things with love and find new moments and new places and new things that reinvent the ordinary? Can the routine be altered enough to ensure thoughtfulness? We believe so, and we think that all that we do can become extraordinary if we put our hearts into it.