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GlampQueen’s Daily Deals

mom and son hiking

Meet Taressa (a.k.a. @glampqueen)!  Taressa is Sonya’s best friend of 30+ years, the unofficial 3rd member of Staples InTents, and the catalyst for Sonya & Necota interests in camping.  She is also an avid camper that dabbles in kayaking, biking, and hiking. Taressa started her camping journey in 2012, as a quick and “inexpensive” way to get away and vacation.  After a few trips, Taressa could see the gaps and inefficiencies in her setup and she began to create the perfect camp setup for any adventure. After achieving a great setup, a born thrifter, Taressa continues to scourer the internet, looking for the best deals on the best gear to optimize her setup.

To save you some time and research, Taressa has comprised a list of a deals on high quality outdoor essentials and nice to have items for your outdoor adventures.  Click the button below and make sure to check back frequently, as new deals are added 2-3 times a week.