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I will confess, I like nice shit. I like great, rare, last-of-its-kind things. There, I said it. I feel much better. I like good wine, good food, good coffee, good music, good art, good movies, good humor, great cigars, great cars, great locations, and good people. You name it, I may have expressed an interest in it at some point and really tried to understand/master it. I will also admit that I am really hard on everything, people included. I broke Tonka Toys when I was a kid, and I still break stuff. In fact, I will break almost everything at least once. This is why I feel I need nice shit. Things that are not well made will get broken. We know this MAN! I am going to use it for what it was intended for and without any mercy. If I have to be gentle with it, don’t even bother putting it in my presence.

When we started out glamping, we borrowed Sonya’s best friend’s tent (Big Agnes: ). It was really nice, and I didn’t break it. I wanted my own and went about the business of trying to find a real deal tent on a budget because Sonya thought I was full of crap. She should have known. We ended up with an REI Kingdom 6 (still one of my favorites because it hasn’t been broken). However, I don’t like spending money on brands unless it is merited (here’s looking at you, Yeti). I’d prefer it if you didn’t know the name, but know that if I got it, then it probably does what it’s intended to do. I will do my homework and find the competitors and research them, look at prices, and customer reviews, read information, watch Youtube how-to’s, and then make an informed decision. I’m not always right, nor do I always look at all angles. However, I feel fairly comfortable with the choices that I make. I also like to bargain hunt, and since I don’t mind used stuff, I can get great stuff, used…except for coffee and wine and food and people (used people don’t work out so well). Hey, I’m a snob extraordinaire, but it’s so you don’t have to be.