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Join The Gathering Team!

We are looking for vendors and instructors/presenters to enhance this year’s event.

Applicaitons are must be received by midnight EST, Sunday, July 2

Our mission at Staples InTents is to educate and inspire individuals to become more comfortable, confident, and curious about outdoor adventure. At The Gathering, we strive to bring a diverse group of experts to assist us with our mission. The Gathering Hendersonville by Staples InTents was specifically designed to create safe space for individuals of color to explore the outdoors and provide education about camping and overlanding.

A large part of creating this amazing experience is bring a diverse group of instructors, presenters and vendors to support the event. We are looking for a variety of vendors with food, products, and services. We are also considering organizations that are focused on helping our attendees have an unforgettable experience at The Gathering. If you are a knowledgeable outdoor experts and would like to lead workshops that will peak our attendees curiosity, or a vender that can enhance the expereince, please apply today!

This year’s event will take place October 19-22 at Wag Valley Farm in Hendersonville, NC.


Food: Do you have a food truck or catering service and want to share your culinary talents at The Gathering? Attendees of The Gathering have varied food and drink preferences, so we’re looking for something for everyone; from the meat eater to the vegan, and even specialty items like desserts, snacks, meat alternatives and beverages.

Product: Do you have a product you’d like to share with our audience? Maybe it’s outdoor gear, components, experiences, candles, essential oils…we’re here for it.

Service: Do you have a special service you’d like to share during The Gathering? Let us know what it is. Massage, tea, reiki…we want something for everyone.

Group/Organization: Do you have a non-profit organization you’d like to bring awareness to and/or share the service/information/organization you provide with our community?


Wellness: Focus on mindfulness or physical activity. Suggestions include but are not limited to, sound bath, yoga, guide hikes, journaling, meditation, photography, drum circles, fitness class, etc. Attendees of wellness sessions should leave feeling connected/grounded in nature.

Skills: Think about necessary skills to thrive outdoors or maybe how to get started in a new activity. In these sessions, we want our attendees to gain skills to boost their confidence and help them be successful on their next outdoor adventure. Suggestions include: camp cooking, hiking/backpacking, foraging, wildlife safety, fire craft, first aid and buddy care, beginner bushcraft, getting started with solar…Pretty much anything will fit here.

Vehicle: Let’s take people from camping to vehicle based adventure by upping their game and teaching a few skills needed for their next cross country adventure. Suggestions include tire repair, self-recovery, vehicle marshaling, communications, tool kit building, winching techniques, selecting the correct tire pressure, packing your a rig…

Round Table/Panel Discussions: Some things are best discussed as a group! Do you have a subject and a few friends that you’d like to lead a discussion with? Maybe you would like to discuss venturing out solo, beginner camping tips and tricks, how to ensure your safety outdoors. Let’s talk about it!