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Event Schedule

Day 1 – Thursday, August 18

1:00 pm – 5:00pm – Registration

2:00pm – 6:00 pm – Black People Off-Road – Pretroglyph Trail Run

1:00 pm – 6:00pm – Explore CampV Activities (Hiking, kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding)

7:00 pm -Welcome, Happy Hour & Raffles

8:00 PM – Campfire & Movie Night


Day 2 – Friday, August 19, 2022 

7:00 – 9:00 am – Sunrise Meditation & Tea (LaToya Roux – Sovereign Soul Medicine)

8:30am – 9:30am – Outdoor Ethics/Leave No Trace (Phil Henderson – Full Circle Everest)

9:30am – 10:30am – Basic Vehicle Self-Recovery (Aaron Reddecliffe – Two Dusty Travelers)

10:45am – 11:45pm – Outdoor Photography (Ryan Colby)

12:00pm – 1:30pm – LUNCH (on your own)

1:30pm – 2:30pm – Planning and Preparing for Your Next Adventure (Dani Reyes-Acosta – Lost Not Just Discovering)

2:45pm – 3:45pm – How to Get Started Backpacking (Zelzin Aketzalli)

4:00pm – 5:00pm – Plan Your Overlanding/Adventure Route & Itinerary (Scott Brady – Overland Journal) 

5:00pm – 7:00pm – Chillax & Dinner (on your own)

7:00pm – 8:00pm – Happy Hour & Conversation with Phil Henderson & Dani Reyes-Acosta

7:00 – 8:30 pm – Sunset Meditation & Tea (LaToya Roux – Sovereign Soul Medicine)

8:00 pm – 11:00pm – Black People Off-Road StarFire Kickback  


All Day – Explore CampV Activities (On your own-hiking, kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding)


Day 3 – Saturday, August 20, 2022


7:00am – 9:00am – Sunrise Meditation & Tea (LaToya Roux – Sovereign Soul Medicine)

8:00am – 9:00am – Vehicle Marshaling (ATL Trail Team)

9:30am – 10:30am – GoPower “Solar Systems from the Sun’s Point of View” (Shawn Brown – Revel Alliance)

10:00am – 12:00pm –  Morning Meditation & Tea (LaToya Roux – Sovereign Soul Medicine)

10:45am – 11:45pm – Vehicle Recovery w/ Winching (Aaron Reddecliffe – Two Dusty Travelers)

11:45pm – 1:00pm – LUNCH (on your own)

1:15pm – 2:15pm – “Making it Work” Living In 82 cubic feet  (Staples InTents) ***Grand Prize Raffle

2:15pm – Group Photo

2:30pm – 3:30pm – Arts Class (LaTasha Duston – Jitterbug Art)

3:45pm – 4:45pm – Panel Discussion (Future of Overlanding)

5:00pm – 7:00pm – Jim’s BBQ Dinner Sponsored by Taxa Outdoor

7:00pm – 8:00pm – Happy Hour, Raffle Giveaway & Group Photo (Attire: The Gathering Shirt & Denim)

8:00pm – 11:00pm – Bonfire Kickback & DJ 


All Day – Explore CampV Activities (mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding)


Day 4 – Sunday August 21, 2022


7:00 – 9:00 am – Meditation & Tea (LaToya Roux – Sovereign Soul Medicine)

9:00am – 10:30am – Instagram Photo Tour – Camp V art installations 

10:30am – 11:30am – Registration: The Gathering Asheville October 2022 (10/14-16 in NC)

1:00pm – 6:00 pm – Black People Off-Road Vancorum Trail Run

12:00pm – 6:00pm – Group Activities (Trail Ride, Hike, Chillin’ at LakeV)


Day 5 – Monday August  22, 2022




Property Map

Workshop Descripton

* Meditation & Tea Ceremony (limited space/sessions offered twice daily)

Join LaToya, twice daily, for tea steeped in silence and reflection. This tea experience has been waiting a long time to meet you! The ritual of Cha Dao, the way of Tea, is an ancient medicinal practice of awakening presence, cultivating an open heart, and remembering our connection to Nature.

Tea… She is a bridge between the realms of humans and plants, an ambassador spirit of all Nature, whose teachings are gentle enough to commune with daily, yet potent and discerning enough to give exactly what is needed every single time (she is an adaptogen & shen tonic).

From the book TEA MEDICINE by Wu De, “Tea opens the heart, clears the mind, settles the soul, and illuminates the spirit.” A daily companion for reestablishing our equilibrium, indeed. 

Outdoor Ethics/Leave No Trace

We all know to pick up our trash and not litter, but surely there’s more to Leave No Trace. With the increase in outdoor enthusiasts and the global climate crisis, it is more important than ever to make sure we take care of nature. No matter if you’re hiking through your neighborhood, camping at a state/national park, or exploring remote areas of the world, during this workshop Phil will break it all the way down for us and give us practical tips to take with us for our next adventure.

Get the Perfect Outdoor Photo

Focal length, exposure, framing…oh my. There are so many things to consider when attempting to take the perfect photo. In this interactive workshop, Ryan Colby will explain the ins and outs of taking a good photo and give us tips and tricks to pull off the perfect shot. 

Be sure to bring your camera or phone with you and get all your questions answered.

Basic Self-Recovery

Off-road self-recovery for beginners (no winch required!). Do you know how to rescue your vehicle if you’re stuck in the mud, sand, or snow? We will learn safe vehicle recovery, including analyzing risks and choosing your best option when things don’t go as planned. We’ll discuss a variety of self-recovery equipment including kinetic-energy straps and ropes, traction boards, and tire deflators. A little knowledge and basic equipment will get you out of most sticky situations!

Backcountry Travel in Rural USA: Apps, Prep and Knowledge

No matter if your traveling by vehicle, bike, or foot, this session will provide a primer on backcountry travel. We will go over the must know apps, general ethics, and resources to build your knowledge, and have time for Q&A.

This is a highly interactive session where your participation isn’t just requested…your presence is a gift!

Backpacking for Beginners 

Are you interested in backpacking, but the thought of hiking through the woods with everything on your back sound intimidating? This is the class for you. During this workshop, you will learn tips on how to get started, from gear selection to selecting the perfect trail. Join this class to learn the basics of backpacking and how to become a through hiker.

Vehicle Marshaling (ATL Trail Team)

Solar Systems from the Sun’s Point of View 

During this session, you will discuss all fo the major components of a complete “Solar System from the Sun’s Point of View”. Topics will include:

  • Electricity 101
  • Solar panel & types
  • Pros & Cons of different batteries
  • Solar charge controllers
  • Inverters & other components

Additonally, this workshop will give insight to determining the right system for you (for all budgets), benefits/restrictions of different systems, and environmental impacts.

 Introduction To Winching

An introduction to using a winch for safe recovery of your vehicle. We will learn about basic winch operation, simple rigging, and your winch’s capability.  We will also discuss the differences between a closed system and open-system winching, steel versus synthetic winch lines, and how to use winch accessories.

 Making it Work While Overlanding

The thought of living in box sounds a bit unappealing, but Necota and Sonya have figured it out and are making life on the road work. During this workshop they will share stories from their most recent journeys, how world travel has influenced their lives, the mistakes made, and challenges faced during their adventures.

 *Art in Nature (limited space)

During this workshop, you will go over some basic watercolor painting techniques and explore painting different scenes in nature. As a group, you will take some time to focus on being still and observing your surroundings, feelings, and presence in the space. The goal is to create beautiful artwork that captures the moment while exploring the question: How does being still and shifting perspectives change your perception of the scene and your connection to it over time?


Meet The Experts

Zelzin Aketalli – Born in Mexico City, in the Iztapalapa, neighborhood Zelzin was always passionate about outdoor sports such as rowing, running, and mountain biking; a sport that she excelled in national and international competitions. Here she forged her determination and love for the mountains. In 2017, she traveled alone to the US, for the first time, not speaking the language to hike what was, at the time, the second largest trail in the world, the Pacific Crest Trail. Despite her little knowledge of hiking, high mountains, and her lack of resources, she completed the trail. Zelzin hiked 4277 km from Mexico to Canada in 153 days. Since then Zelzin has completed several thru-hikes and was crowned the first female and Mexican to complete the Triple Crown of Hiking (Pacific Crest, Continental Divide, and Appalachian Trials). Zelzin is currently creating the first long-distance trail in Mexico and works to introduce others to hiking.

ATL Trail Team – Based in Atlanta, GA, with members from all over, ATL Trail Team is a community of like-minded individuals that enjoy the outdoors and exploring off-road. But, the ATL Trail Team is more than just an off-road club, they are a framily that prides themselves on being there for one another and having fun!  Although mostly Jeep drivers, they welcome all offroad capable vehicles, from stock to fully modified.   

ATL Trail Team’s main goal is to get outside and take paths that many don’t dare to travel.


Shawn Brown – A fanboy of all things overlanding, Shawn has enjoyed vehicle based exploration since the late 90’s. His current adventures are supported by a 2018 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter. Shawn travels along with his wife, Susan, and furry friends, Rey & Little Kitty. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of overlanding with others and particularly enjoys exploring in the Mountain Time Zone.

Scott BradyScott Brady is an adventure traveler, photographer, and publisher. He is the CEO of Overland International, parent company of Overland Journal magazine and, the world’s largest and most visited vehicle-dependent expedition community and overlanding editorial resource. As an overlander, Scott has crossed all seven continents and circumnavigated the planet three times by a combination of 4WD vehicle and adventure motorcycle. He was the expedition leader of the Expeditions 7 project (in partnership with Greg Miller), a three-year global adventure that took the same Toyota Land Cruiser to all seven continents (completed in 2014). 



Ryan Colby – Ryan Colby is a photographer who fell in love with off-roading after the first “Gathering” in Georgia.  Ryan learned the craft of photography at a young age, as the son of a photographer.  As a child, he grew up in a house full of cameras, with a dining room converted into a dark room, used to develop film photos.  He grew into his craft with the introduction of digital cameras and his photos can be found in various advertisements, model portfolios, and magazines.  

Ryan was invited to The Gathering 2021 as one of the official photographers.  While shooting the event, he fell in love with the sense of peace, love, and family that he experienced. Two months later, he joined the outdoors/off-road community and purchased his own tent and Jeep Rubicon. A few months later he joined ATL Trail Team and now gets out with the crew as often as his schedule allows.  Ryan has continued to grow his craft by broadening his focus to include outdoor/vehicle photography.

LaTasha Duston – LaTasha (you can call her Tasha) is an illustrator, painter, and plant lover.

She received her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts with a concentration in Scientific and Medical Illustration. When she’s not in her studio, you can find Tasha cooking up a storm in the kitchen, tending her plants, out hiking and camping, or traveling somewhere new! Her love of the outdoors is a vital part of her identity and she tries to share that passion with as many as she can to help show that the outdoors is for everyone! Tasha is currently based in Denver, CO with her awesome partner, Jason, and their furry kid Leelo.



Philip Henderson – A native of California, Philip has worked in the outdoor industry for almost three decades. His passion for outdoor recreation, education and climbing has provided him with opportunities to travel and climb around the world. He has been on several major expeditions including Everest, Denali, Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya. 

As an educator he has assisted in training guides, rangers and porters on several expeditions. In 2012 Philip was a member and team leader of the North Face/National Geographic Everest Education Expedition, became one of few African Americans to summit Denali in 2013 and led an all African American ascent of Mt Kilimanjaro in 2018. In April 2022, Philip made history again by leading the first all Black team to summit Mt Everest.



Aaron Reddecliffe – One half of the travel blog Two Dusty Travelers, Aaron is an experienced teacher, overlander, and 4×4 enthusiast.  He has extensive experience off-roading and has recovered vehicles from precarious situations all over the world, from Utah to Kenya. Aaron spends most of his free time working on 4x4s or adventuring on the road with his wife, Emily.

LaToya Roux – LaToya grew up in New Orleans, spent some time living on the hills of Jamaica, and now resides in Atlanta with her husband and a loving community.  She is the creator and operator of Sovereign Soul Medicine, where she creates ritual tools and offers ceremonial healing experiences, to assist her clients in achieving a deeper consciousness.  Her work holds a profound relationship with the elements and the Sacred Feminine.  She believes that everywhere we stand is sacred space and she is devoted to awakening that spirit across the pieces of Earth she is able to serve. 



Dani Reyes-Acosta – Athlete and storyteller Dani Reyes-Acosta aims to inspire individual action and collective communion through self-care and self-determination found in the outdoors. After leaving cushy corporate life, to find her way back to her roots, she ticked rock climbs and ski lines across Argentina, Chile, Canada, and the USA on a circuitous path to self-actualization.

Based in SW Colorado, Dani is Mexican, Filipina, and Mestiza—and proudly reclaiming the complexities of her heritage as a food producer, cultivator, and legacy Coloradan. Her goal as a mountain athlete is to find the limits of her possible, searching for peaks and valleys that tell the story of Mother Earth’s most impacted places.

Necota & Sonya Staples – Sonya and Necota make up the overlanding duo of Staples InTents, husband and wife team who credit camping/overlanding for saving their marriage. Both engineers by profession, they have both transitioned from their careers and are now full-time overlanders and, host their signature event, “The Gathering,” to create safe space for all to connect with nature and create community. In the few years that they have considered themselves “overlanders,” Necota and Sonya have explored 3 continents, touring 11 countries and 26 states. Most recently, they have adventured through Baja, mainland Mexico, and Southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, and Botswana), to explore the unique beauty, people, food, and culture of each location.



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