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Thursday, October 13, 2022

1:00pm – 6:00pm – Registration

2:00pm – 6:00 pm – Black People Off-Road Trail Ride (meet at Farmhouse) 

5:00pm – 7:00pm – Chill & Dinner (on your own)

7:00pm – 8:30pm – Welcome, Happy Hour & Giveaways (Outside of Barn)

All Day 

  • Explore REEB Ranch (Hiking, mountain biking, relaxing by the waterfall)


Friday, October 14, 2022  

8:30am – 9:30am – Staples InTents Vehicle Walk Around (Sonya & Necota)

9:45am – 10:45am – Solar for the Beginner Camper (Chad Mitchell)

11:00am – 12:00pm – Outdoor Photography (Jahi Walker)

1:30pm – 2:30pm – Tread Lightly Introduction (Brian Harris)

2:45pm – 3:45pm – Backpacking 101 (Jennifer Pharr Davis)

2:45pm – 4:45pm – Mountain Biking for Beginners (FOX Factory)

4:00pm – 5:00pm – Camp Cooking (Glampqueen) 

6:00pm – 7:00pm – Cooking Competition Judging

7:00pm – 8:30pm – Happy Hour & Giveaways (Outside of Barn)

8:30 pm – 11:30pm – Kickback & Social w/ DJ KC (Outside of Barn)

All Day 

  • Food trucks open for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks
  • Explore REEB Ranch (Hiking, mountain biking, relaxing by the waterfall)


Day 3 – Saturday, October 15, 2022

9:00am – 10:00am – Camp Cooking (Glampqueen)

10:15am – 11:15am – Mindful Movement (Outdoor Journal Tour)

10:15am – 12:15pm – Mountain Biking for Beginners (FOX Factory)

11:30am – 12:30pm – Birds in Nature Walk (NC Zoo)

11:30am – 12:30pm – Planning Your Next Advnture (Cesar Narvaez)

2:00pm – 3:00pm – Self-Preservation: Camp Safety (Sylvester Pierce)

3:15pm – 4:15pm – Vehicle Marshaling (ATL Trail Team)

3:15pm – 4:15pm – Maintenance & Repair for Your Mtn Bike (FOX Factory)

4:30pm – 5:15pm – LIVE Podcast w/ Staples InTents (Waypoint Overland & Drive The Globe)

5:30pm – 6:00pm – Group Photos

6:00pm – 7:00pm – Dinner (Food Trucks or on your own)

6:00pm – 7:00pm – Glampsite Competition Judging

7:00pm – 8:00pm – Happy Hour, Raffle Giveaway & Group Photo (Outside of Barn)

8:00pm – 11:00pm – Campfire Kickback w/ Edgewood Heavy

All Day 

  • Food trucks open for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks
  • Enjoy activities from NC Zoo, Sawyer, Nikwax and FOX Factory
  • Explore REEB Ranch (Hiking, mountain biking, relaxing by the waterfall)


Day 4 – Sunday, October 16, 2022

11:00am – 12:00pm – Group Hike to Waterfall & Fall Foliage Photoshoot 

12:00pm – 5:00 pm – Black People Off-Road Trail Ride

1:00pm – 5:00pm – Games & Activities

All Day 

  • Food trucks open for breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks
  • Explore REEB Ranch (Hiking, mountain biking, relaxing by the waterfall)


Day 5 – Monday, October 17, 2022


Property Map

Workshop Descripton

Meditation & Tea Ceremony (limited space/sessions offered twice daily)

Join LaToya, twice daily, for tea steeped in silence and reflection. This tea experience has been waiting a long time to meet you! The ritual of Cha Dao, the way of Tea, is an ancient medicinal practice of awakening presence, cultivating an open heart, and remembering our connection to Nature.

Tea… She is a bridge between the realms of humans and plants, an ambassador spirit of all Nature, whose teachings are gentle enough to commune with daily, yet potent and discerning enough to give exactly what is needed every single time (she is an adaptogen & shen tonic).

From the book TEA MEDICINE by Wu De, “Tea opens the heart, clears the mind, settles the soul, and illuminates the spirit.” A daily companion for reestablishing our equilibrium, indeed. 

Get the Perfect Outdoor Photo

Focal length, exposure, framing…oh my. There are so many things to consider when attempting to take the perfect photo. In this interactive workshop, Jahi Walker will explain the ins and outs of taking a good photo and give us tips and tricks to pull off the perfect shot. 

Be sure to bring your camera or phone with you and get all your questions answered.

Planning Your Next Adventure 

Looking to go on an adventure, but not quite sure where to start? During this workshop, Cesar will give you all the tips you need to plan your next adventure with useful websites and forums. He’ll also go over how to import routes into Gaia GPS and use various tools like creating waypoints and recording your track.

Camp Cooking 

What camp kitchen products are worth it? What techniques to throw down in your camp kitchen? How can keep it simple and make great good? Attend the camp cooking workship for ideas on products, recipes and camp cooking techniques and you’ll also have the opportunity to sample some great food.

Backpacking 101 

Are you interested in backpacking, but the thought of hiking through the woods with everything on your back sound intimidating? This is the class for you. During this workshop, you will learn tips on how to get started, from gear selection to selecting the perfect trail. Join this class to learn the basics of backpacking and how to become a through hiker.

Vehicle Marshaling 

Every wonder how those hand signals people give each other while driving work? Or need tips on how to feel comfortable taking direction on the trail? This is the workshop for you. Whether you have no clue what marshaling is or you’re looking to become more comfortable following direction, you are sure to benefit from this engaging workshop from ATL Trail Team. 

Nature Healing Workshop

Join Michelle, co-founder of the Outdoor Journal Tour, for a Nature Healing Workshop. The goal of this session is to slow down and take the opportunity to reconnect with Mother Nature and yourself. She will lead a group discussion, offer some journaling prompts and close with a guided meditation. Come with an open heart, we promise you will enjoy yourself!

Tread Lightly! Introduction

The Tread Lightly! Introduction will cover the basics of the Tread Lightly! Philosophy focusing on a discussion of hte principles of TL! – Travel Responsibly, Respect the Rights of Others, Educate Yourslef, Avoiding Sensitive Areas, and Do Your Part. Attend this workshop to gain better insight on how you can overland and off-road responsibly.

Solar Systems from the Sun’s Point of View 

During this session, you will discuss all fo the major components of a complete “Solar System from the Sun’s Point of View”. Topics will include:

  • Electricity 101
  • Solar panel & types
  • Pros & Cons of different batteries
  • Solar charge controllers
  • Inverters & other components

Additonally, this workshop will give insight to determining the right system for you (for all budgets), benefits/restrictions of different systems, and environmental impacts.

Live Podcast w/ Staples InTents by Waypoint Overland & Drive the Globe

The thought of living in box sounds a bit unappealing, but Necota and Sonya have figured it out and are making life on the road work. During this ive podcast discussion they will share stories from their most recent journeys, how world travel has influenced their lives, the mistakes made, and challenges faced during their adventures.


Workshop Leaders

Jennifer Pharr Davis Jennifer Pharr Davis knows what it takes to keep going. As a hiker, she has covered over 14,000 miles – and explored trails on six different continents – and in all fifty states. Jennifer has hiked the Appalachian Trail three separate times. In 2011 she set a record on this 2,190-mile path by completing it in 46 days. That’s an average of 47 miles per day! 

 And, as a mom of two young children, Jennifer has yet to slow down: she has backpacked 700 miles in her second and third trimesters, hiked across the state of North Carolina while nursing her son, and set foot on a trail in all fifty states with her daughter.

Off-trail, Jennifer is a nationally recognized speaker, the author of nine books, and the owner and founder of Blue Ridge Hiking Company in Asheville North Carolina. She serves on the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition and has been recognized as a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year. She also has two pet goats named coffee and cream.

With everything she does, Jennifer says that her goal is to help others realize that they are a part of nature.

 ATL Trail Team – Based in Atlanta, GA, with members from all over, ATL Trail Team is a community of like-minded individuals that enjoy the outdoors and exploring off-road. But, the ATL Trail Team is more than just an off-road club, they are a family that prides themselves on being there for one another and having fun!  Although most drive Jeep Wranglers, they welcome all off-road capable vehicles, from stock to fully modified.   

 ATL Trail Team’s main goal is to get outside and take paths that many don’t dare to travel.

Taressa Burge Taressa Burge is a professional camper with over 10 years of experience. Although she didn’t grow up camping, it has developed into one of her favorite pastimes and something she not only enjoys doing with her family, but also on her own to find peace and solitude. Taressa is an uncertified gear head, well-versed in all the gear you need for solo, family and large group experiences. @glampqueen

Sylvester Pierce Sylvester Pierce of Spierce Consulting is a Certified Firearms, CPR/AED/FIRST AID and TRAUMA instructor. He is also an avid hiker, camper and explorer, specializing in solving problems before they happen. Through tragedies like hurricane Katrina and “Snowpocalypse” in Atlanta, we have witnessed slow (to lack of) response and Sylvester educates on preparation skills to be knowledgeable/prepared and save yourself.

 Michelle Jackson-Saulters – Michelle is the co-founders of the Outdoor Journal Tour, a hybrid health organization that combines the healing benefits of the Great Outdoors with introspective journaling and mindful meditation. They are headquartered in Atlanta, GA and the creators of international outdoor wellness phenomenon #wehiketoheal. Most recently, they’ve spearheaded, My Mindful Minutes, a nationwide challenge designed to encourage more mindful movement in our everyday lives. Visit their website to learn more and to join them on a trail near you!

LaToya Roux – LaToya grew up in New Orleans, spent some time living on the hills of Jamaica, and now resides in Atlanta with her husband and a loving community.  She is the creator and operator of Sovereign Soul Medicine, where she creates ritual tools and offers ceremonial healing experiences, to assist her clients in achieving a deeper consciousness.  Her work holds a profound relationship with the elements and the Sacred Feminine.  She believes that everywhere we stand is sacred space and she is devoted to awakening that spirit across the pieces of Earth she is able to serve. 

 Necota & Sonya Staples

Sonya and Necota make up the overlanding duo of Staples InTents, husband and wife team who credit camping/overlanding for saving their marriage. Both engineers by profession, they have both transitioned from their careers and are now full-time overlanders and, host their signature event, “The Gathering,” to create safe space for all to connect with nature and create community. In the few years that they have considered themselves “overlanders,” Necota and Sonya have explored 3 continents, touring 11 countries and 26 states. Most recently, they have adventured through Baja, mainland Mexico, and Southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, and Botswana), to explore the unique beauty, people, food, and culture of each location. 

Jahi Walker – I started taking pictures in 2014, shooting with my cellphone at the time..mostly sunsets at the airport. Then I invested in my first camera and sat down with my Pops to learn how to really shoot. For the longest I focused more on cityscapes and street shooting. But I found that I love waterfalls, landscapes, and just shooting nature over everything else. I loved that when I first started posting the things in north Ga, the more interested my friends and just folks on social media became with life north of Atlanta. The more I hiked, the more I captured…and the more I captured, the more I hiked. 

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