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The Gathering 2021

Thank you to all who attendance, the inaugural event, The Gathering. The Gathering was designed to be, not just your average campout, but an outdoor cultural experience that encourages community, healing, and connection in nature.

During the inagural event, 138 campers, mostly first time or novice, joined us at BoMax Ranch and Retreat in Crawfordville, GA for a weekend packed with adventure, education, fun and new friends. Thank you to our sponsors and partners for supporting us as we planted the seeds of community and engagement with outdoors. Checkout some of the videos and photos that capture this magical moment when a budding community gets some wilderness therapy!

The Recap Video

The Photos

The Gathering by JAS Photos

Portraits from The Gathering by JAS Photos

The Response

There was an overwhelmingly positive response to The Gathering.  We hope you will take minute to listen to what a few of our guest had to say about their experience.

Shot and edited by Keith Hogan of Dreality Films

Camping and Overlanding While Black

It’s no secret that, for various reasons, a large population of Black or Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) do not feel safe and secure in outdoors. Prior to wrapping up our weekend at The Gathering, several campers expressed interest in continuing the dialog and discussing some of the challenges faced when exploring the outdoors.  We, along with a panel of experts, held a virtual discussion to share our personal experiences in the outdoors and answered questions regarding trip planning, safety, and protection, while outside.